How to unlock skins

Are you ready to change a style for your snake in game? Skins are always amazing and fabulous! This is also another way to bring you more amusement when playing this multiplayer game online. But, there will be some of the players who get confused on how to unlock skins. Hopefully, this short guide will help them get the skins that they want!

When you are at the front page of the game, in the bottom right, you can catch sight of two “share” buttons for two social platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. When you click one of them, a new tap will appear on the platform that you have chosen.


You’ve just unlocked all skins! Shut that window and go check those skins. If you can, just try to show your support to the game developers. They will be very happy if you share the game with your buddies and other players.

When you’re done unlocking the skins, you can totally move back to the game and see the bottom left corner of the screen. There is a button with the saying “Change Skin”. Click it!
Now, you can click on the left or right arrow to check out all the skins. Currently, there are 22 skins for your selection. More skins will be updated in future!

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    Make a skin thing for kindle fire 6

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