Some Tips For You game is a famous survival snake game taking you to the cosmos filled with snakes. This multiplayer browser-based game online for free consists various features and amazing gameplay for your experience. However, to conquer all challenges and become the strongest snake, it takes a lot of skills. Let’s start researching on some of useful tips and tricks to help you advance your game!

Tips for vanquishing challenges in


You can totally develop your movement speed by holding and clicking the mouse if you play the game on PC, and for those who enjoy the game on mobile devices, they can double tapping on the screen.
However, you shouldn’t increase your speed in a bloodbath, particularly the larger snakes. You will get killed sooner or later, regardless of how quickly you can reach the mass. For those who want to reach the mass in the bloodbath, they are supposed to dive in there at a slow pace and focus on their controlling. Other players will try to get a speed boost in order to reach the giant dead snakes, but guess what? Just neglect them! You can gain some mass if you want as long as you know how to keep your control
Most of the players who increase their speed will end up being killed! You can reach and hold the mass which isn’t from theirs, but it will come from the larger snakes.


So what will you do if you are in a case relating to a large snake encircling a smaller snake? The strategy called circling is one of the most common tactics that you should follow! When a bigger one encircle a smaller one, they will keep getting more and more diminutive gently until there is no more snake left to circle. After that, they can obtain all the mass of the smaller snake. This could be because no other players can enter and loot it. This can be a dangerous strategy because you can get killed when some of the people get inside and some of the people are outside of you. Explore more with these tips below:

  • If you are surrounded, the first trick that you need to know is that you try to stop them from getting smaller and smaller. You are not allowed to increase your speed! Just keep your snake outside as much as possible. You can’t get long enough to fulfill this occasionally
  • If you catch sight of someone surrounding another snake, and if you are long, you can totally surround them. Then, you can totally get the mass integrated.


  • When you turn a larger snake, and other people keep tracking of you, if you want to flee away from them, just move to the borderlands. No snakes are there; you can totally surround those followers easily without worrying about any dangers.
  • When you are still a diminutive snake, you can begin with some of the floaters that value 50 mass. You can get to them using a quick boost and then retrieve the mass by moving back on your pathway.
  • If you want to unlock more awesome skins, you need to click the share button on social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, and then move back to the game.
  • Make an effort to dodge crashing into other snakes as much as you can. Otherwise, you will get destroyed even if you are a big snake
  • If you are being assaulted, you just need to surround yourself. This can be a way to deceive other enemy snakes.


  • Increasing speed is extremely bad, unless it’s secure
  • Don’t speed up when you are in a bloodbath
  • Surrounding is kind of danger, but it works
  • Surround the circlers if you can
  • You can’t find snakes at borderlands, those places are fully abandoned
  • Small snakes can chase down the floaters
  • Be very carefully when playing
  • Share the game on social platform to unlock more skins
  • crash into head-to-head
  • Don’t be scare when you surround back or move through yourself

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