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Do you want to conquer all challenges in It’s time to explore the tips and tricks if you aim to become the most powerful snake ruling the whole playfield! These tips and tricks are very fundamental for players, especially the beginners. So be sure to check them out!

Tips and tricks for game

  • Nothing to be sure that if you die or if enemy dies when running toward into a snake.
  • Don’t touch any part of the enemy snake, excluding the enemy’s head with your head, otherwise; you will get destroyed!
  • Try to increase very soon and regularly
  • If you are a small snake, you still can destroy giant snakes. The huge snakes are unable to turn like you, but you are required to have a long enough tail so that they can sprint into.
  • If you are a big snake, go in large circles or S forms. The best protection for you is that when you cross over yourself. Try to stay near enough to the tail so that you can withdraw to it.
  • Hunting is way easier than annihilating
  • The most perilous location is dead snakes. Most of other players are hustling for them. You’d better obtain what you can without risking yourself unless you are in a small form. Half of those players intending to collect those dead pieces, which gives you more!
  • The larger snake always is the winner
  • Don’t let t head of your snake crash into the body of other snakes, or else, you will get killed

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