Menu Techniques for Beginners

Do you want to vanquish all challenges and other enemy snakes in game? You’ve got it! This article aims to give you a bunch of useful techniques for all players, especially if they are beginners! Check them out now!

Useful techniques for beginners

Common rules:

  • Your target is to increase your size as much as possible.
  • Absorb the glowing pellets scattering around to develop.
  • For a speed boost, just hold the mouse, but you need to know that your mass will get reduced whenever you get a speed boost.
  • If a snake gets destroyed, it will drop glowing pellets.
  • The vulnerable part of a snake is its head. So, don’t sprint into other snakes or touch their bodies using your head, and you should lure them to crash into your snake’s body part, they will get destroyed for sure.

When being small:

  • Move to the middle of the map which is viewed as the giant mess filled with battles and dead snakes to absorb.
  • Take all the chances when they come to you, no need to worry about losing anything. You can become an annoyance for the giant ones by performance a quick suicidal assaults.
  • Stick to the giant ones. They will get destroyed by another snake; they will drop various dead snakes for you. Go eat all of them!

When being big:

  • Don’t go to the middle of the map. The space of your operation is dramatically bigger now. There will be several diminutive snakes place their bodies at the fore of you, and you can’t dodge them.
  • Form a secure space using your length. Nobody can touch your body. Therefore, you need to create a circle and place your head inside of it until you feel secure enough to escape away.
  • You can totally get others trapped by using your length. Encircle them and close it gradually until they can touch you.

Dangerous Technique

This is the perilous technique that you need to consider before using. There were lots of snakes running and following another snake that tries to turn away to stop them from running into a certain another snake. For this technique, if you are fast enough, you can totally chop the enemy from changing into itself and annihilate them before they can traverse themselves, which will change them into various blobs immediately. But, if they are too quick and travel parallel to themselves, you will get stuck and destroyed for sure. For diminutive snakes, this completely works well, especially when they deal with a bigger snake.

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