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Check out some of useful tactic and retards tips when you play game! For those who want to become the strongest snake and defeat all enemies surrounding, they need to explore these tips below!

How to appear in top-list and rank first

  • Reach the center of the map
  • Try to cut the enormous snakes. You’re supposed to direct your snake and race in the similar direction, after that, speed your snake up and dramatically turn toward that opponent. However, you need to be aware of that enemy, who knows he can do that first, if you’re in that situation, you will surely get killed. But if you are in the form of a tadpole, just keep going because you won’t have to worry about losing anything.
  • Encircle the little snakes, pull tight the coils when time goes, annihilating your prey. Be aware of the nasty gangs and don’t get your snake surrounded.
  • When you gain 4000 size or maybe more, you have to move through the corner of the world. That place usually consists of some afk snakes. Now, go chase them down, catch them and get them surrounded. They are easy to predict, but just remember that you shouldn’t speed up. The crashes will be stopped by AI

Retards Tips

  • Don’t be arrogant.
  • Snatch up all chances when you have.
  • Wall off numerous foods.
  • When you get larger little by little, you will find it a bit silly when controlling your snake. There is a high chance for you to get boxed in.
  • Stay away from other snakes. You can pretend that you are trying to attack them, they will get frightened for sure.
  • When you feel doubtful, you can turn your back around and move toward another way. Make sure that you can survive longer!

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