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Are you fond of survival strategy game? Be sure to check out a new game called This is an addictive online game in which you will direct a snake and try to increase your size as you dodge hitting into other rival snakes. Have you ever played online? If yes, then is so familiar to you! If not, then this game is a good chance for you to experience your surviving skill. In the game, one of the best features that can catch the attention of players is snake skins. Let explore this amazing feature now!

Snakes are playable characters in

In, the players have to direct the snakes and try to gain its size while trying to dodge running into other snakes. To increase the size, you need to eat all the pellets surrounding and keep your snake away from other giant snakes and don’t let any crash happen. Otherwise, your game will be over. But also, remember that the giant snakes can totally get destroyed if they run into you.

Snake Skins

There are several wonderful snake skins for players to experience. If they get tired of using one skin only, they can totally change it. The game features 9 initial random skins for players to use. The player can have access to various skins in general as well as the potential to choose a skin in particular if they decide to share the game on social tribune from the frontal page.


Custom skins from Mods

Install extension to use “Custom Skins” (required).

Install Extension Mod for chrome


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