Menu Lag around Big Snakes & Game Tactics game has been well-known these days on the internet. This is a game like and Arcade game where survival is your only goal. Instead of controlling the colorful blob, this time, you will direct the snake and raise it to become the biggest and longest snake in the map. is very amazing to play. However, one of the problems that player may have when joining is lag. Most of the players will experience this issue, especially when their snakes grow bigger and larger. But now, they can totally avoid it if they check out the tips to dodge laggy situations. Explore now!

Trick to avoid lags in game

Whenever your snake gets bigger, lag will happen! You won’t be able to play or control your snake, causing you to end up rushing into other snakes. That’s inevitable to happen. And sometimes, it might get you confused or cause you to stop your game. The basic trick to dodge the lag is to hug the outside 1/3 of the map at bigger size snakes. It’s supposed to be less in order to draw for the browser so that the framerate can develop well a bit, but it’s still very dangerous.

Useful tactics

  • In the game, there are some of the suicidal snakes that are below 500 points. They want to suicide by rushing themselves into the giant daddy. It’s an awesome tactic that you can follow to get a nice lead in the game.
  • You will tend to get more conservation if your snake grows bigger and longer. You can make the best use of this to tackle with some of the giant snakes. It won’t be risky too much!
  • When you swirl around the delicious meals, you should be aware that you are very tight, and you can easily become a prey for bigger snakes to circle you.
  • The head on the crashes should support the bigger snake. Right now, seemingly, it’s based on RNG.
  • If you are still a small snake, go to the center of the map which will be very fun and amazing to explore.
  • When you grow bigger gently, it’s kind of silly for your hand controlling. But if you speed your snake up, your mass will get reduced.
  • Surround the diminutive snakes, tighten the coils when time moves, defeat the prey and stay watchful for the wicked gangs.
  • Don’t get closer to other snakes; you can act as if you are attacking them, which can make them freaking scared.

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