Single-Player Option

As far as you know, game is a popular multiplayer snake game online that is drawing much attention of players. The game has become a successor to, which is also another famous multiplayer “io” game. has created its own renown and gained such a big achievement recently. Most of the players want to join the same playfield and start fighting against each other for the highest position on the leaderboard. However, there is still another option in that is very addictive and thrilling to play, it’s called Single-Player mode, which is a chance for players to practice their skill before entering the main game arena. You can start to join this mode on your mobile devices; surely you will have a funny experience with it and it doesn’t have any lag!

“Play Against AI” mode

Do you have any idea about A.I in this single-player option? It’s time to find out what A.I means! In this option, the players will have to encounter a bunch of A.I snakes (meaning Artificial Intelligence) and they are controlled by bots. They are no human beings and all snakes surrounding you are just bots. The A.I doesn’t seem to be smarter than humans and they are very unsure occasionally. In addition, you will even see a leaderboard in this mode, displaying several snakes that have the highest mass, even though they are completely fake. Also, another remarkable point of these A.I snakes are their names! Those names are taken from the real accounts, but you should always keep in mind that they are not real players, probably some of the players who joined this mode got confused a bit because they thought that were real snakes!

So why is this mode made though the game is for multiplayer mostly? The reason of creating this one is to give players more chances to practice their skills, particularly those who don’t have much confidence and not ready for the real battles in PvP mode. In this mode, the players will freely control their game and try to use their skills, plan more strategies to kill the A.I snakes before facing the real ones.
Controls in game game is currently playable on mobile devices, for both Android and iOS users. With the latest update version for the mobile versions, you will explore new control modes in the game, which gives you lots of interests! Before entering the game, you should take a look at the control section first, then select your favorite one. There are three modes, including Arrow mode, classic mode, and joystick mode. Each of them has its own advantage. If you select arrow mode, your snake will have an arrow in front of his head, and it will help you control your snake easily. You may have enjoyed the classic mode before, and if you choose joystick mode, you will see a virtual thumbstick. If you don’t know which one you should choose and which is the best for you, you can check out this recommendation, that is select the arrow mode! Why? This could be because the arrow will be able to “tell” your snake which way it should move to, and you will find it easier to swallow more pellets with arrow mode too. But of course, it’s up to you choice! So think carefully and select the mode that can bring more convenience for you!

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