Five useful tips for

Explore 5 useful tips to conquer the dangers in game now! Learning tips and tricks is always very highly recommended, especially for those are beginners. If you know these tips, you can tackle with obstacles and threats very well in the game, helping you survive longer.

Five helpful tips

  1. Don’t get a speed boost or try to increase your boost vertically to gather the fragments of a dead snake. You’re on a horizontal screen, and the concentration of the camera is where the head of your snake is, you can’t catch sight of any opponent snake that is coming if you just move up and down. Try to direct your way in a horizontal way. Doing this will help you see what is at the fore of you.
  2. When you go hunt for the glowing pellets, don’t speed up on just one long rush till you get to it. Just go increase the speed in 1 second. Those pellets have a tendency to zoom straightly into the mouth of your snake when you reduce your speed from that boost.
  3. If you almost get stuck into a coil, don’t try to move past the head of the predator and annihilate it. The rival snake can manage their way completely. So, you need to turn around and make an effort to search for its tail, then move past it.
  4. Remember that the snakes that are green and purple will want to annihilate the Reddit snakes.
  5. When you begin the game as a smaller snake and want to enter the middle of the map, try to dodge increasing your speed with the low mass. You should try to save up your mass until you have 50, then after that, you can make a speed boost, which sounds better!


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