Eat Your Own Tail!

Eat Your Own Tail can be viewed as an amazing strategy that you can follow in game online! If you know how to apply this one, you will be able to conquer all the dangers and protect yourself from being killed by the opponents in the game. Let’s find out now!

Fundamental strategy

  1. Achieve top 15 mass.
  2. Move to the center of the map.
  3. Swallow your own tale, and you can try to create an enormous circle while doing that.
  4. If you accidentally see a snake that is so close to you, and it’s already killed, you can go swallow all its dead fragments. But don’t get to it too far, don’t take in any dangers, you will have to enjoy the game very long.
  5. Be tolerant and patient.

Absorb your own tail

The center of the map doesn’t contain too many big snakes. The turnover will be extremely good for the snakes to become bigger. “Absorb your own tail” can contain a good meaning. No snakes can close you off and stop you, and you can totally protect yourself using your own tail. You won’t have a possibility to run into the smaller fry without having any way out; this could be because you can’t see at such a far-off distance. Therefore, you will be safe with your tail all the time.

Nevertheless, you will have to experience a disadvantage, called slowness. You may see other snakes being killed and they are so close to you, but you must let go of them and neglect them, or else your evolution will be screwed up. Try to remember that you are in the center of the map that has various small fry. If you fail to protect your evolution, you will lose!

It will be a high chance for other snakes spawning right inside of you. You need to swallow them, or else it will be very risky to you if you leave it open up. Also, you don’t have to put your effort into tightening the. It will be a waste if you do that! They will get killed sooner or later, especially if they want to begin again.

Do not think that you won’t be encircled! Actually, you totally can, just because you haven’t got a possibility to undergo that. As we mentioned above, the middle of the map doesn’t have too many big snakes; this could be because the chance for death is way too high. If you are being encircled by the larger snakes, they will have to leave it open to being clogged up by the small fry. The only way for them to tighten is to hit themselves against you. However, they will not have a chance to make an escape from the external snake if they do that. You can grab a chance to swallow the pellets right after they are making an effort to do that. Surrounding death can be very easy to swallow without any threats and without screwing up the evolution.

Have you ever wondered why it had to be the middle? This could be because the place you are entering is filled with tasty pellets and food. You have to swallow them as much as possible to develop your length. In addition, there are so many dead fragments of the dead snakes too. Try to grab a chance to eat them all to make your snake longer faster.

Do you think how much you can absorb your own tail? Basically you don’t want to eat it much because the circle may get smaller and it will be a high chance for you to be encircled. Of course, you don’t want to swallow it too little either, because you probably don’t have too much space for swallowing around, without screwing up the formation. Let’s see what you can do in the game and how much you can eat!

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