Menu Upgrades Upgrades is the great game you can play online for free. While fighting, you must destroy all of the opponents to dominate the leaderboard. And you need to level up and upgrade your weapon. In this post, I will show you all of the upgrades of game. They have three updates. They are Basic, Further and Unavailable. Let’s explore each of them now!

Basic upgrades


The basic tank at starting of just contains only a circle and a barrel. Until you reach the level 15, your tank can be upgraded to become a Twin, Sniper, Machine Gun, or Flank Guard. In which

  • The Twin can add a second barrel and help your tank increase penetration. But it can slightly decrease damage.
  • The Sniper upgrade allows you to improve bullet damage and travel distance. Also, you can zoom out the screen slightly. However, it can make the reload speed decreased greatly.
  • The Machine Gun upgrade increases the reload speed. It can decrease your damage
  • The Flank Guard provides a smaller barrel to the back. It helps you shoot the enemy in both directions. While shooting their recoil, you can be slow down.

Further upgrades

  • When you get the level 30 in game, you can select a second upgrade for the tank. This depends on the basic upgrade that you own before. If you didn’t choose the Gunner or Hunter upgrade, you would have the chance to upgrade the basic once again at level 45. Note that the Gunner and Hunter don’t have any upgrade at this level.
  •  Twin will give you three selections, and you can upgrade into the Triple Shot, Twin Flank, and Quad Tank. If you pick up Triple Shot, the tank’s dual cannon will move diagonally. It creates the room for the third cannon in the middle. This makes the speed of the tank lower. The Triple Shot can develop into Penta Shot, which adds two cannons. It also decreases the speed even more. Besides, the Triplet gives you three cannons. Similar to the Twin Flank, it can upgrade to Octo Tank.
  •  Sniper upgrades in let you increase the range and the field of vision. It decreases the rate of fire and bullet damage, too. With Sniper, the tank can be upgraded into Overseer, Assassin or Hunter. In which Assassin will contain Ranger and Stalker while Overseer has overload, Manager, and Necromancer.270616_2
  •  Machine Gun is the upgrade to increase the reload speed. But it only upgrades into the Destroyer or Gunner. Aside from that, it slightly decreases damage for each bullet. The popular way to use this type if the tank is using the recoil to launch your tank into others when your body damage and health are fully upgraded (Rammer Build).The Destroyer goes into the Hybrid, which is a mix of Overseer. The Gunner moves to the opposite direction. Then, shoot bullets quickly with minimal recoil. This Gunner belongs more to reload speed, penetration. The bullet speed is more than the damage or tank’s speed. Bullets of the Gunner are the smallest. Thus, he often gets trouble with bigger bullets like Destroyer’s.
  •  Flank Guard of game grants players a half barrel on the back. It can become Twin Flank, Quad Tank or Tri-Angle. The Tri-Angle can develop into the Fighter and Booster. The Fighter gives two additional guns and boosts when you shoot forward. The Booster provides two more guns. Quad Tank increases double the guns.

Hopefully, the information I tell you will help you know more about this awesome game. Remember to follow our page to catch up the latest guides!

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