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It goes without saying that has become one of the most famous multiplayer web-based games online and it was also known as the great successor to The game is also a nice combination between and classic Snake game. Once joining, most of the players will get addicted to it, and they will surely keep playing over and over again if they die many times. The game is also playable on mobile devices, especially the touchscreen ones, and players will have to use their finger to control their snake so that it can go swallow more pellets. The gameplay is very thrilling and amazing too. You will start it off as a tiny snake, and your adventure will begin from there. Some people may think the game is just so childish, and only kids will be suitable to play, but not like that! It’s just so wrong of them to think like that way. Slitherio is actually a hard game to conquer and it requires you to perform various skills, prepare nice strategies and stuff like that. You may have to spend a bunch of hours on defeating the challenges as well as taking down opponent snakes. Your only goal here is to become the longest and biggest snake on the server! To achieve that goal, you should take a look at some of tips and tricks below!
How to prolong your snake’s life in the game


You can follow a bunch of discrepant strategies to make your snake live longer in the game. But, the most important thing you should always know is to have patience, regardless of what strategy you will use. To increase your mass and extend your life, you have to stay calm and fulfill all your actions in a gentle way. If you keep your snake out of trouble, the game may not be interesting to you anymore; you probably think that way, but at least, you are still secure! When you see another snake die in front of you, and then a bunch of other opponent snakes pop up in order to grab the dead fragments, you shouldn’t jump to them immediately, just stay back a bit and snatch up a chance to collect the leftover. Becoming a slow scavenger like that will not help you reach the top fast, but at least you won’t get destroyed!
You need to remember that the method you are following is kind of gentle. You should begin to collect more pellets after spawning the game. When you become larger, you may feel you are developing your length at a slow pace. Hence, this strategy is not completely perfect, but if you are a patient player, and you want to take it slow, you should follow this strategy!

How to conquer real enemies in the game

  • If you don’t like the patient strategy mentioned above, there are still other various methods for you to follow, especially if you want to play in a hostile way in the game. Speed boosting can become one of the largest tools that a hostile player will use. You will speed up by holding the left mouse if you play it on your PC, but you will have to double tap on your screen if you are enjoying the game on your touchscreen device. If you are still a tiny snake, you shouldn’t make a speed boost because you will lose some mass when speeding up. But when you become a bigger snake, if you speed up your snake, you will move faster and be able to grab bigger chunks before other snakes can.
  • Aside from that, speed boosting will also bring you another benefit. If you speed boost skillfully, you can stand in front of other snakes faster, destroy them more quickly then you will become the first one who can grab their dead fragments. If you feel more hyped and excited, you can use the circling technique to kill other snakes. This technique will center on searching for a tiny snake, and start encircling them, make your loop narrower until that small snake crashes into your body because it has no way to make an escape. You may find it hard to fulfill, but when you understand it well, you can totally develop your length faster!
  • Learn your meta
  • Oddly, there are lots of players taking the game in a serious way. As a consequent, you won’t be the only one using discrepant strategies. In the game, you need to stay alert to all snakes around you, particularly when you are bigger. When growing up, you are known as a bigger danger then you will have other players chasing you unceasingly. They will keep hunting you down even if you are staying more passive and go on a slow route. If one can defeat a bigger snake, they can reach the highest position on the leaderboard instantly. All players are longing for that goal, and they will grab up any chances coming to them.
  • Always practice your skill
  • The perfect way to develop your skill is to practice over and over again. You may get addicted to the game at the very first beginning. The more you play, the better your skill will become.

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