Privacy is one of the best sites for you to enjoy a well-known snake game called This game like has been attracted thousands of players every day because of its wonderful gameplay and various awesome features. To bring the best gaming experience to players as well as avoid having any problems toward rules and regulations, the administrator has established their privacy of this site and recommended all players and users to read. This is a document containing some rights and obligations of them. Also, their private details will be collected here! So, please have a look at it carefully!

Log Files

Most of the websites make the best use of Log Files containing some of the information about ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the browsers, the visitor information, visit time and so on. In addition, the webmaster will find those log files extremely useful for them to inspect and collect the demographic data, operate the website and follow the actions of users.


Cookies will store the private information relating to the fondness of users. Cookies will allow webmaster to follow the users or change the content displayed on the page when the users utilize some of the types of browser

Web Beacons

Web Beacons can be utilized to run the navigation through more than one websites, or just only even on. Also, the webmaster can use Web Beacons in order to connect them with cookies to gain a conception of how the users can browse and obtain the content displayed on that website.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

Google will utilize Cookies in order to exhibit their advertisements. With the assistance of Dart Cookies, the ads can be delivered to the clients and connected to the sites

For those who don’t want to join cookies, they can go to Google using this link: They can take a look at a full privacy policy
Ads and links will be managed by third parties using their technology. The users will see those ads via the browsers that they are using. Those technologies include Cookies, Web Beacons or Java Script. The third parties use them to examine and assess the success of the ads.

Just simple ask more details on the privacy of the ads to gain more proper information! In addition, for those who want to stop cookies from operating, they can obtain it using the browser choices separately
If you want to research on how to run cookies or browsers, you can find out more useful information at some of the websites using personal browsers.

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