Menu for Android game has made it arrival at Google Play store. Are you excited to check it out? If you are an Android user, you should quickly download the game to your phone and begin your challenges. game is very addictive to play, and it has become famous these days on the internet. The game attracts tons of players around the world. With the familiar gameplay like and classic Arcade game, players will get a bunch of amusement and interests once joining. In the game, you have to take control of a snake and try to eat up the pellets scattering around to gain its size. Also, while hunting, you have to dodge crashing into other snakes roaming around the playfield. If you hit them, your snake will get destroyed, and if they run into you, they will get blown up as well. Be sure to prepare tactics and strategies to conquer the enemies! Always remember that you can kill the giant snakes even if you’re just small! Enjoy your game!

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