Menu Cool Nickname List is an amazing survival strategy game that you should check out! This is the game that can be playable online and it has lots of players coming from other countries. The game offers a bunch of cool features, and nicknames can be the thing that makes the game more and more awesome! Nicknames can be a hilarious factor in the game. Imagine that you have just owned a snake and you want to raise it as a cute pet. So, it will never hurt to give that snake a nickname, right? Using nicknames is always funny. Those names won’t have an effect on the gameplay; it’s just the way to make your snake stand out from the crowd and make it more exclusive. You can name your snake anything you want, you can even use your name or the name of a certain funny character that you know. For more examples, check the nickname list out and see what other players have named their snakes!

*Note: This list will regularly be updated!

Hilarious Nicknames in

  • 36% Remaining…
  • Remember Me?
  • Buffering…
  • Ignore Me
  • SoundOfDEATH♫
  • ♔YOUR KING ♔
  • ✎DeathNote✎
  • MadeYouSplit:D
  • An Unnamed Cell
  • EAT ME!
  • WHAT’S ⇧P
  • Copy Right?
  • Smile More☺
  • Help! I’m Lost!
  • I’m Doomed


  • Stupid —->
  • EAT HIM —->
  • I SMELL YOU????
  • ==[]=======>
  • ==()=======>
  • ==(|)======>
  • =={=======>
  • =={)=======>
  • ==||=======>
  • ||==[]:::::::::::::::)
  • ==||:::::::::::::::::)


/-_-\     (*^▽^*)  (^_^)  (^~^)    (/•ิ_•ิ)/    ((*^▽^*))  ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ    (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄   ༼✷ɷ✷༽    ༼・ิɷ・ิ༽    (•_•)    ( •_•)    (⌐■_■)    ༼•͟ ͜ •༽    -_-      =_=    ( ̄~ ̄)

Install Extentsion Mod

In-game features:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Show your current location
  • Keep track of the FPS with FPS counter
  • Follow the IP of friend’s server with your present one
  • Join your friend’s IP
  • Select the normal background to fix the low-end system
  • Reduce the flow to help the low systems
  • Graphic mode for your selection
  • Play the game with your buddies (connect to the servers straightly)
  • All nicks and settings are saved
  • Sever selection
  • Snake Skin Rotator for turning off/on rotator
  • Custom skins
  • Background changer
  • Respawn
  • Return to the main menu when die
  • Mod option
  • Live update
  • Turn on/off the HUD
  • Reset Zoom
  • Speed burst with key Shift
  • Brand new UI

Install Extension Mod for chrome

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