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Are you excited to check out another feature that is very useful for you in Mods? As you know, mods always offer good modifications that you have been looking for a while. These adaptions will give you a chance to experience lots of features without giving you any unjust advantage. Right now, let’s find out what new feature is!

The game has just added a new cool function to your game and surely it will help you a lot in playing. The new feature was called Zoom hack, which means you can totally zoom in or zoom out the screen using the mouse wheel.

When you zoom out a bit, you can see more locations of pellets as well as the forthcoming opponent snakes, or the rival ones that are so close to you. With this feature of unblocked, you can see them before they catch sight of you. If you zoom out, you can also avoid crashing into the bodies of other snakes and keep your snake away from the threats around, so try to use this feature to your advantage! However, you shouldn’t zoom out too much; it will break the graphics, and other tiny snakes will become smaller and smaller, which is very hard to see them. Hope you have fun with this Zoom hack!

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