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Do you want to play with your friends? It will be more interesting if you guys have a chance to meet each other in the same game arena. With mods, your dream of playing together now comes true! Let’s find out some of the simple steps to learn on how to connect to your friends and play a game together.

Steps to play with your friends

     Step 1: Start installing the userscript for your own browser, you can either use Greasemoneky or Tampermonkey
     Step 2: Clog up the first javascript so that the game won’t operate twice. You can fulfill this by utilizing AdBlock Plus
     Step 3: After installing the userscript, you can open the game and play once, then make your snake die, return to the main homepage, the IP address will show up right under your score. Mods Play With Friends

     Step 4: Copy your IP address, send it to your friend, he/she will copy that into his/her connect bar, and then tap “Connect.” Mods Play With Friends
     Step 5: You can wait a bit, then your friend will enter that room. In the room, you and your friend can find each other by viewing the coordinates which are located in the bottom left of the screen. Then, you guys can take a look at the leaderboard to admit that you are now in the same game arena Mods Play With Friends

Clogging up the JS

It’s very easy to handle this one if you utilize AdBlock Plus:

     Step 1: Hit the icon of AdBlock Plus and press “Open blockable items” Mods Play With Friends
     Step 2: click on Slither.op js script with right mouse, this is just similar to, xx will display the present version
    Step 3: click on the script using right mouse, and tap Block this item.
    Step 4: choose “custom” and input this:*.js . It’s suggested that you must reset the version number by an asterisk (*). Mods Play With Friends

Now, you’re done with it! It’s time to enjoy with your friends. Remember to check the leaderboard so that you will know if you are in the same game arena or not.

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