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It’s inevitable to have some problems when playing game! Now, you can check out some of the tutorials on how to resolve all the disturbing issues that you are having by utilizing mods! Normally, the lag issue will happen very frequently when you play your game, and this could be because you have a very low-end system, or the graphics of your game are too heavy. Some of following basic steps below will you help you solve all of them!

How to fix Lag issue and adjust the quality of graphics

     Step 1: Start installing Tampermonkey
     Step 2: Click the link in descript
     Step 3: Start installing the mod
     Step 4: When you’re done your installation, go to game and begin to change the optimization
     Step 5: Take a look at the Graphic Quality, choose optimized, then step into the game arena

Done! Now, you can play the game without having any lag problems! If you want to play the game with your friends, just tap key Q to die and return to the homepage. At the homepage, you will see the number displayed on the IP bar. You need to change that number to the one that you friend is having; then you guys can meet each other in the same room.

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