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Experience more amazing features with Mods now! Mods are known as a script added to the game in order to help players in having a good gaming performance without getting any unequal advantage. These mods are extremely useful, and they surely give you a bunch of interests, especially their wonderful features. Now, you will learn about another function that you can use in the game called Make Own Skins!

Make your own skins in mods!

As we know, there are already plenty of different skins for your selection in Mods, including the old default ones and other new ones. But right now, you can totally create your own skins while you are in the game. There are three basic keys that you can use for making the skins, including E, R, M on the keyboard. With key E, you can add one eye on your snake, key R will allow you to insert a dot on your bag, and if you tap key, you will have a magnet on your snake. How cool it is, right? This feature is so amazing! You can create various unique skins and equip those accessories on your snake. If you want to have this feature in your game, you should start using Chrome Extension now!

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