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A new feature has been introduced in Mods! Are you ready to make your foods? This feature will bring you amazing experiences for sure. As we know, most of the players have been searching for new modifications that can help them in conquering challenges in the game without getting any unjust advantage, and that’s why you have wonderful mods at the moment! Along with other cool features, like background changer, quality graphics mods, skins and so on, “make your own foods” is the new one that can give you crazy moments, especially if you are a food lover in the game.

Make your Own Foods

In mods, you can create your own foods when moving around, and they will be dropped after your tail while moving. There are four keys for you to adjust the food feature, including key F, G, H, and J! With key F, you can turn your food on and off anytime you want. Key G will allow you to change the food color; key H will adjust the food size, and key J will permit you to perform a crazy food performance. However, you should remember that those foods you created can’t be seen by other opponent snakes, and they can’t be absorbed either. Only you can see them! This feature is made just for fun, if you are interested in it, let’s check it out right now in your game.

Remember to add chrome extension before playing! If you add this extension, you will be able to experience the in-game features. Mods Make Your Foods
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