Menu Mods Custom Skins Mods promise to bring you a bunch of excellent features that will surely keep you excited during your game. These new adaptations include some of the cool features, such as background changer, quality graphics mods, connection to your friends to enjoy the game together and much more. This time, let’s find out an amazing feature that always draws your attention called Custom Skins!
More Custom Skins game offers various skins to all players. The skins can be unlocked once players hit share button either on Facebook or Twitter. In mods, besides enjoying the original skins, you can check out more awesome skins that have just been added to the game. However, if you want to use these custom skins, you must add the Chrome extension and all new skins will be unlocked.
In addition, Mods also feature another two functions for you to use in the game, it’s called “skin rotator” and “next skin.” Skin Rotator will make your snake automatically change the random skins while you are in the game, more specifically, the skin of your snake will be constantly changed, and it never stops. To use this one, you just hit key W, and if you want to turn it off, just hit Key W once again. About “next skin” function, it will change the current skin of your snake to the next one right in your game without going to the Change Skin section. This will help you select your favorite skin very fast! To use this, simply press key Z!

Let’s refresh the outside look of your snake with amazing custom Skins which are available in mods now! You can unlock more skins and use it throughout your game! Mods Custom Skins
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