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As we know, Mods are considered as a script that can add more adaptions to the game and help players get a better gaming performance without receiving any unfair benefit. The players will surely get thrilled and excited when checking out those features. Among of those functions, chat online can be one of the most awesome features for you. Check it out now!

Chat Online in Mods is a multiplayer snake game online, so, of course, it’s inevitable for you to meet a lot of opponent players that come from over the world in the same playfield. Therefore, it will be better for you to start a conversation with them, get a small talk as well as exchange the experiences if you guys decided to team up with each other. Chat Online function will also give you a chance to make friends as well as meet skilled players to learn more gaming experiences. To use the chat function, you should set a new nickname; then you can use it during your game. The chat box can be movable, and you can place it at a location that gives you a nice vision when playing. Also, it can be turned on or off anytime you want. Once you turn it off, and when you click the game, the chat box is still there.

That’s so awesome and simple of it, right? Be sure to check this feature out and experience it!

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