Menu Mods Change Background Mods are known as a scripts that can add new modifications to the game and help players earn a better gaming performance. The mods are getting more and more useful now when there are so many demands from the players. Hence, new features have been introduced and added to the game in order to help them in playing the game well. Among of them, background changer can also be a good feature for your selection, especially if you want to enjoy the game in a new wonderful background. Check it out!

Background Changer

At the moment, Mods consist of 12 backgrounds in total including white grid, black grid, cats, dirt, grass, grids and much more. To use the background changer, you must add the chrome extension first; then this feature will appear on the homepage. You can click the Background Changer section, and you can see a lot of backgrounds there. Choose your favorite one and then spawn into the game. Changing background will sometimes make you feel more excited. So, change it if you want and you can enjoy the game with a brand new appearance!

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