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Do you want to play with your friends? It will be more interesting and thrilling to enjoy this survival game with your buddies, right? It’s time to find out steps to connect to your friends in this game now!

Install Extension Mod for chrome

Features of Mod

  • Join your friends using the same server
  • See the coordinates
  • Switch the background
  • More awesome skins

Steps to install:

  • Step 1: Have this userscript installed, Greasemoney or Tampermonkey (based on your current browser)
  • Step 2: Clog up the main javascript in order to stop the game from operating twice, one example of the main Slither and one example of this adjusted one. You can utilize AdBlock Plus to fulfill this. Check out “Blocking the JS” for further help

There you go! Now, you can play the game with your friends! You are supposed to play once then go die, so you reach the replay screen and the IP address below the score section will appear: Mod play with friends [Updated]


After that, your friend can copy this address and paste into his bar, hit “connect” Mod play with friends [Updated]

He will enter the room automatically after a few seconds
With the coordinates, you can find your friends and they can find you more easily. The coordinates are displayed in the bottom left. Mod play with friends [Updated]

Blocking the JS

For those who use Adblock Plus, they need to click the Adblock Plus icon located in a bar, select “open blockable items” Mod play with friends [Updated]

Click right mouse on js script which is just like this:, where xx is the present version

Click the right mouse on that script, then choose Block this Item. After that, you need to ensure that it’s a stopping filter, choose “custom” then go to*.js. You need to reset the version number by an asterisk. Check this image: Mod play with friends [Updated]

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