The Pond


Use the mouse to move the cell.

Game Details

The Pond is the simple and interesting online game. It will tell you the story of single cells. And you will become the person who has the mission write the ending. As soon as you start the new adventure, you are a cell including nothing inside. Therefore, you need to fill the stomach by eating as much as possible. The main food source in The Pond consists of smaller cells. Be careful! You should not run into others having the bigger size. If not, you will be the tasty dinner for them. Each time you develop, your health meter will be longer. The Pond can make you remind of Agario, a popular online game. The way that you absorb the prey is familiar. However, it’s pretty easy to defeat all challenges. Play The Pond you just use the mouse to navigate your cell. Let’s join and gather everything you want to dominate the world right now!


Use the mouse to move the cell.

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