Use WASD to move. Press W to spit venom and S to mine.

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Let’s play game online for free and help the main character, a small snake, become the champion now! The first thing you need to do after joining in the new adventure is to move around to find food. The main energy source includes red and green dots, blue points and even smaller snakes. Don’t miss anything you see on the way! They will make your character bigger and bigger. Move in you should pay attention to every obstacle. Try to avoid them or you must restart! Also, escape from other larger enemies. They can eat and swallow you easily and quickly. Aside from that, you can spit venom by hitting the head of the weaker snakes to kill them or create explosions by placing explosives near the head of the bigger snakes to let them decrease 10 levels. Are you ready to collect the highest score and dominate the top spot of Just join in this amazing challenge and show up your ability to defeat all difficulties.


Use WASD to move. Press W to spit venom and S to mine.

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