Plankton Life 2


Press A key to shoot fishes and other enemies.

Game Details

This amazing Plankton Life 2 game is the story of a tiny creature. Your mission is to help this character grow bigger and evolve. Choose the difficulty level you like most to explore the new world. As soon as you start the adventure, you can see that he seems to be very strong and hurry. This cute creature can swim at the high speed. He can eat colored bubbles and prolong the endless journey for a long time. However, you should support him to defeat fishes. They appear everywhere in Plankton Life 2. You can press only one key to launch deadly shots and remove these obstacles easily. Be careful! You can be killed quickly if you don’t destroy the huge crabs in Plankton Life 2 first. But, this monster is not the final opponent. There are a lot of scary enemies waiting for you ahead. Are you ready to gain the highest score? Good luck!


Press A key to shoot fishes and other enemies.

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