Hungry Piranha


Control the fish with the arrows.

Game Details

Hungry Piranha is an awesome game you can play online for free right now. It is about the journey of a hungry tiny fish. It is a popular fish in the water world. Especially, this creature has the impressive characteristics that you can’t forget. Indeed, it has the fearsome teeth can bite and chew meat quickly. However, in Hungry Piranha, you don’t kill it. You will help this character eat, grow and destroy everything in the river. The first step you need to accomplish is to swim around, attack and swallow smaller preys as much as possible to enlarge and get the high points. Remember to avoid sharks or you will become their delicious dinner! There is a sign warning you before they appear. In Hungry Piranha, the strongest and biggest is the king. Are you ready to beat the challenge and win? After you access Hungry Piranha, you can choose the difficulty level you like most to explore. Let’s enjoy your adventure and finish it!


Control the fish with the arrows.

Hungry Piranha
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