Fish Tales


Use the mouse to control the fish.

Game Details

Fish Tales game is the interesting story of a fish. He is on the way to reach the secret destination located at the end of the journey. However, there are a lot of traps. And he needs your help to overcome these obstacles to win all levels. You will start the first stage of the Fish Tales and complete it by collecting enough food. The prey you should aim is the creatures having the smaller size. You may spend a little time to grow bigger. As soon as you are strong enough, you can swallow much more. And your score will be increased after that. While hunting in Fish Tales, remember to keep an eye on the opponent, especially the shark. They are the professional assassin of the ocean. With only a bite, he can kill you immediately. So, try to avoid this character as far as possible! Let’s play and unlock all mysterious locations now!


Use the mouse to control the fish.

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